Surname Ringersma

Obligatory adoption of ‘Ringersma’ as our surname

In 1811 it became obligatory to adopt a family name, if one did not already possess one. Hendrik Rienks, born October 19, 1769 indicated on March 21, 1812 that he adopted “Ringersma” as his family name by the next document:

The document (see above) said (in translation):

Before us, maire, of the council of Lippenhuizen, canton Beesterzwaag Arrondisement Heerenveen of department Vriesland, in the presence of, Hendrik Rienks, living in Lippenhuizen, this person has declared that he adopts the name Ringersma as family name and has a son and two daughters to be known, Jelke aged one year, Antje aged eight years and Boukje aged six years, all living in Lippenhuizen, and has also signed this document.

The 21st March 1812.

Where does the name originated from?

We are still searching the reason why Henkdrik Rienks choosed the name “Ringersma”.
Mr. T.E. Teunissen wrote in his book “ALD DANTUMADEEL DE DOKKUMER WALDEN” that this name is been used since the 14e century.
Within the county of Dantumadeel, in the village “Dantumawoude” one of the streets is named “Ringhersmastraat” (Ringhersmastrjitte in the Frisian language) as shown at the next picture.