The Next Generation

The other day I ran into TNG (The Next Generation) software. Great software as you can view at this site. It can run standalone without WordPress and with a WordPress Plugin. Unfortunately this TNG plugin for WordPress (Beta version 0.25) has not been updated since WordPress version 2.xx. But fortunately Darrin Lythgoe updated this plugin (now version 0.26) to work with TNG version 8.1 and WordPress 3.1 for most needed feautures.

However, as can be read at many blogs, the TNG screenlayout does not match up completely with most WordPress themes and multi column layouts. For that reason I tweaked a couple of TNG files just a little:

  • WP Theme file changed: footer.php
  • WP-TNG plugin file changed: tng.php
  • TNG files changed to fit the WP theme are: genstyle.css, tngtabs1.css, pedigree.php, surnames.php, index.php, places.php.
  • Furthermore for Dutch & English languages both text.php and cust_text.php files have been changed.

On my ToDo list are still some changes related to font settings and the color scheme and updating the gedcom file being used (the current data has not been updated since 2003).

Select Familytree in the menu above to have a view on the cooperation of TNG 8.1.1 within WordPress 3.1.3 using the TwentyTen theme.

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