WP 3.2 and TNG 8.1 integration

Few days ago WordPress version 3.2 has been released.
Which means all Plugin and Theme builders have to validate their products against this new release.
Curious as I am, as the TNG-WP plugin is no longer supported I liked to know what about this plugin?

So I had my test website updated to PHP 5.3 and mySQL to 5.0 and installed TNG 8.1, WP3.2 and loaded the new Twenty-Eleven theme.
Then I installed the WP-TNG plugin 0.25 and had it updated to 0.26. Finally I created a ‘familytree’ page in WP and configured the plugin.

The result: it worked as expected but of course with same issues as recognized on WP 3.1.  See my other post on how to fix most of these issues.

However, when you make use of additional plugins or when you’re using another Theme, then my advise to you is to wait until all plugins and the Theme you use at your site have been qualified for WP 3.2.

For me the WP-TNG plugin has been qualified for WP 3.2 already.


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